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Andy Warhol, William Burroughs and David Lynch exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery in Jan 2014

Three of perhaps the most iconic and innovative creators within their fields are set to have works displayed at the Photographer’s Gallery in London from Jan 2014.

Andy Warhol and William Burroughslynch-david286

‘Taking Shots’ which celebrates 100 years since Burrough’s birth, will be the first big photographic exhibition of the author.  With over 100 images on display between the 1950s and ’70s it shows the visual research that underpins his many other works.

Andy Warhol’s images are those taken in the last decade of his life. Having abandoned the dictaphone, Warhol went for a 35mm film camera to record the daily situations around him.

David Lynch’s fascination for all things industrial will also be on show.

Source: artlyst.com