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“Everywhere we went the factories had all been torn down.” – David Lynch exhibition; Női Kabát song ‘Industry’

You can hear the whirrs and clunks in Eraserhead, a film by David Lynch with heavy industrial influence. From January 17th to March 2014 you can now visit David Lynch’s exhibition showing photography inspired by his long-term fascination with everything industrial. Full article here: The Independent

At The Black Lodge we play some industrial music as well as dance, in light of Lynch’s fascination with things mechanical. Take a listen to Női Kabát’s song Industry  set to Barry Hines’ Threads, a film based on the industrial city of Sheffield faced with the nuclear fallout during the Cold War. You can also buy the song here: http://noikabat.bandcamp.com/



Artist Jack Vettriano to give a talk about David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ at the Glasgow Film Festival

Jack Vettriano the artist who hails from Fife, Scotland is to delve into the dark world of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet on 22 September at the Glasgow Film Festival.

The talk will follow the day after his own exhibition opens – a retrospective of his work held at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

It isn’t hard to glean the shared sensibilities of dark exotica between Vettriano and Lynch when you look at his work, featured on his website http://www.jackvettriano.com/ and the scenes found in Blue Velvet. In fact, if you delve deeper you can find a whole host of imagery with dark, sexual undertones.

Scene from Blue Velvet
A work by Jack Vettriano

Via: The Scotsman