“Everywhere we went the factories had all been torn down.” – David Lynch exhibition; Női Kabát song ‘Industry’

You can hear the whirrs and clunks in Eraserhead, a film by David Lynch with heavy industrial influence. From January 17th to March 2014 you can now visit David Lynch’s exhibition showing photography inspired by his long-term fascination with everything industrial. Full article here: The Independent

At The Black Lodge we play some industrial music as well as dance, in light of Lynch’s fascination with things mechanical. Take a listen to Női Kabát’s song Industry  set to Barry Hines’ Threads, a film based on the industrial city of Sheffield faced with the nuclear fallout during the Cold War. You can also buy the song here: http://noikabat.bandcamp.com/



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Mindful of making the music we play at The Black Lodge as interesting as possible, we’ve put together some mixes that fuse David Lynch with some of our favourite artists. You can expect these to be played on the night.

Dirge (Death in Vegas) and David Lynch talking about meditation


The Pink Room / Religion I
(Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch / Public Image Ltd)

A David Lynch inspired club night held in London