Sacred Bones label release ‘hard-to-find’ original pressings of the Twin Peaks soundtrack

You know the memorable intro, the one that conjures up an un-nerving yet satisfying feeling of other-worldliness? Yep the Twin Peaks theme. Well, music label Sacred Bones, fresh from releasing David Lynch’s recent album The Big Dream and the vinyl edition of the Eraserhead soundtrack in 2012, is now releasing a limited number of pressings of the Twin Peaks soundtrack and is ready for purchase, here.

DJs will be spinning some of those tracks and a couple of Lynch’s new songs from The Big Dream at the forthcoming The Black Lodge event at Stoke Newington’s White Rabbit this Saturday 7th September.  The free event will host special guests, sideshow performer Bloody Bones and Roy Orbison tribute act Dave Collison will also be there to give the event another layer of Lynchian wonder. We hope you can join us.

black lodge sept flyer wc 3


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