Thank you for coming on 1st June 2013

Dear all,

Thank you very much to everyone who came to The Black Lodge at White Rabbit on Saturday 1st June. You can find photos in our Gallery section and our Facebook page. Here’s one of the man from Eraserhead holding a very slimy Spike (modelled by James Baron, you can read about it here).

Eraserhead man holding baby

If you managed to catch Katy Prado’s extraordinary and brilliant rendition of Roy Orbison’s Crying or Llorando as it is known in the film Mulholland Drive, then I think we can agree that we’re looking forward to having Katy back again in the future. Also a big thanks to James Baron and Jack O’Connor who played some fantastic sets during the night.

I’m hoping to get a clip of Katy’s performance onto the site soon but for now, you can enjoy the scene from Mulholland Drive that was recreated on our night. We’ll keep you posted on our next event.


Gemma x


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